Kyle Tryon

Software Development Engineer and Educational Content Creator.

video creator typescript vue docker unity 3d node.js c#

About Me

Hello! I'm from a small town in southern New Jersey, now living in Philadelphia. I currently work remotely for the worlds largest CI/CD platform, creating CI integrations both directly and in cooperation with many partners in the DevOps industry.

My Journey

In 2016, while still working retail, I had just completed my associates degree from a technical college that had been closed down by the federal government for predetory loan practices. While I had been studying for Network Engineering, my passion always was and had been programming and web development. While working part time in computer repair I made the decision to focus on programming and create YouTube videos about my journey.

I began focusing on learning web development and creating courses on YouTube to teach others. This has been an excellent studying technique, fantastic portfolio and resume content, and fed my creative desire to create and share content. Since then, I have worked with several brands on sponsored videos and was finally hired full time by a San Francisco startup I have been with the last 4 years.